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O          =           OPEN MEETING

C           =           CLOSED MEETING

S           =           SMOKING MEETING

NS        =           NON-SMOKING

BB        =           BIG BOOK STUDY

12x12   =           12 STEP & 12 TRADITION

M          =           MEN ONLY

W          =           WOMEN ONLY

NC        =           NEW COMER

SW        =           SOUTHWEST HOUSTON

SE         =           SOUTHEAST HOUSTON


NE        =           NORTHEAST HOUSTON

NW       =           NORTHWEST HOUSTON
With its all-inclusive Third Tradition and First Step, Cocaine
Anonymous welcomes anyone with a drug or alcohol problem
and offers a solution. C.A.’s Twelve Steps are not drug-
specific, and Cocaine Anonymous is not a drug-specific
Fellowship. It doesn’t matter to us if you drank or what type
of drugs you used; if you have a desire to stop, you are
welcome here!
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